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Scott Storch Says He Lost $30 Million (Video)



Scott Storch is attempting to make his comeback from his publicized legal woes related to back child support, tax evasion, and money problems, and as a part of his return, he sat down with MTV to talk about his problems.

Scott Storch isn’t dead. He’s not in jail. The famed producer isn’t even on the run from the police, as you may have heard through the grapevine over the past year. Storch has been focusing on rebuilding his life, because he did, in fact, hit rock bottom.


Lost in a three-year cocaine-abusing haze, he lost more money than most people reading this story will see in five lifetimes: $30 million. Yes, he blew almost his entire fortune on coke, cars, houses, lavish trips, partying and a series of what he calls “poor judgment decisions.”

A short video interview is above where Storch talks all peachy about who he’s in “recovery” and getting back to making beats, but he doesn’t address the obvious WTF moment: $30 million lost. $30 million! How does Scott Storch one, get $30 million, and two, blow $30 million? I guess adjusting for inflation, MC Hammer’s $15 million bankruptcy is pretty close, but still, $30 million for producing Brooke Hogan? The guy produced Brooke Hogan, the Brooke Hogan, and he still managed to make $30 million.


Drugs and overspending certainly play into Storch’s problems, but even he’s got to be thinking it’s absurd he made that much cheddar for making a few beats. Storch is currently living in a three-quarter house, which I guess is like a half-way house, where he is supervised by a live-in counselor, but allowed to be at the studio as long as he comes home by curfew. [NahRight]