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Saudi Artist Arrested For Dabbing At Taif Music Festival

Saudi Artist Arrested For Dabbing At Taif Music Festival

Being an artist allows you to work outside the box. Most of the time. But Abdallah Al Shahani a Saudi television host was recently scrutinized and fell into trouble for working outside of the box. At the recent Taif Music Festival, Al Shahani who also happens to be a singer and actor was arrested for dabbing.

Although he was a little late to the game, the dance move was banned by Saudi’s Interior Ministry’s National Commission for Combatting Drug Use.

The commission banned the dance move due to their assumptions that it is connected to the use of marijuana. They stated that dabbing injects dangers on “the youth and society.”

If you’ve seen the video of Al Shahani dabbing, it looked completely harmless. It looked as if he did it in the moment. If you haven’t seen the video, judge for yourself below:


After his arrest, Al Shahani apologized on Twitter:



Translated, it says “I apologize to our respected government and to my audience for unintentionally and spontaneously making the dance move at Taif festival. Please accept my apology.”

If you’re a little lost as to what “dabbing” is, the dance move has been around the early 2010s. Its origins come from the Atlanta rap scene. Skippa Da Flippa is said to be the originator and acts such as Migos were able to help it become a worldwide phenomenon with their single “Look at My Dab.”

Rapper Bow Wow supposedly claims that the word “dab” came off the term “cannabis dabbers.” But that has been disputed.

Either way, the move had become a viral hit globally. If its roots were related to cannabis, it has long since detached itself from connotation. The move had found itself into mainstream pop culture. Because let’s be honest, how many people around the world doing the dab really come from crime ridden ghetto communities?