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Fest mania: love and dance in San Francisco


Bring your big hearts and glow sticks to the Bay Area September 29 for San Francisco’s annual LoveFest. (Funny, I always thought the hippies up there just had a 365-days-a-year love fest going on.) The musical wing of the festival (which also features a lavish parade down Market Street) will once again focus on electronic dance acts. Amongst those scheduled to play this year’s incarnation are the Chemical Brothers, Ladytron, Afrika Bambatta, Sasha, Crystal Method, DJ Rap, and DJ Icey. Head to the fest’s website for full details. And head on after the jump for the rest of the acts confirmed to play LoveFest so far…[more:]
Ferry Corsten, DJ Dan, Gabriel and Dresden, Lee Burridge, D:Fuse, Baby Anne, Meat Katie, Donald Glaude, John 00 Fleming, Eddie Halliwell, 16 Bit Lolitas, Three, Richard Vission, Sandra Collins, Vello Virkhaus, Lee Coombs, Chris Fortier, Rogue Element, Spundae&Skills

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