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Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore Engaged


Ryan Adams eccentric behavior has defined his career, but now he’s one-upped himself. According to E! News, singer Mandy Moore’s rep has confirmed Moore and Adams are engaged.


The pair have seen some tumult; dating since December 2007, discovered in March of 2008, broken up in July, Moore reunited with DJ AM after his plane crash, but that ended in December. Guess what it takes to make you realize who you really love is a few months together with the guy who you used to like who almost died in a plane crash. Girls are weirdos, for real.


Moore’s next album, Amanda Leigh, is set for release this May. No word on whether there’ll be a song on it called "I Love You, Now I don’t, Now I Love This Other Guy, Screw That Guy Let’s Get Married." [Stereogum]