Video: Russell Simmons And Kanye West Appear At Occupy Wall Street

    Hip-hop media mogul Russell Simmons was seen yesterday down at Occupy Wall Street in New York City with Kanye West. OkayAfrica was down there and caught footage of the two then made it into a little video that comes off like a promotional video for the protest. Although, it doesn’t really work. First off, Russell Simmons speaks for Kanye the entire time (K-Weezy doesn’t say a word), then Simmons explains that Kanye supports the movement “spiritually” but doesn’t want to get involved in the politics of it. What?

    Regardless of your opinion of the protest, there is something funny that just doesn’t fit about the biggest capitalist in hip hop chillin’ at Occupy Wall Street. Especially when he keeps his mouth shut and his game face on the entire time. After all, didn’t he just shoot a video featuring him taking one of the most expensive cars in the world for a joy ride with Jay-Z and a gang of models? Yes. Yes, he did.

    If anything this smells like a weak PR stunt. On the other hand, with so many big names coming down to the protest, it will probably add more legitimacy to the movement. I guess any press is good press.  [OkayAfrica]