Rusko Loses Britney Demos In Exploding Car Fire

    A new Britney album doesn’t really generate much interest, but there’s always a market for a good “car explodes in driveway and sets house, studio, other cars, and Britney Spears demos ablaze.” That is literally what happened at music producer Rusko’s home yesterday. He was able to safely escape with his hard drive, but the early indication is that all the Spears demos were lost in the fire. While it’s easy to have sympathy for Rusko, it’s hard to know whether to hope the demos are lost forever. If they’re gone, maybe Britney gets a fresh start, or, in what might be the best case scenario, just says to heck with all of it and retires to Louisiana, spending many productive years finishing what rebuilding the Saints and Brad Pitt couldn’t get to. [The Daily Swarm]