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Roman Candle: Free Downloads, New Album


You can call Roman Candle the Wilco of the South if you want to, but that ultimately just means that they’re that much closer to the source of the Americana stream that informs their particular indie-rock subset. So when the occasional earthy twang or banjo riff pops up, they’ve come by it that much more honestly, if that means anything these days. In any case, fans and newcomers alike will soon have a variety of options for experiencing new music from Roman Candle.


The band’s last album, The Wee Hours Revue, was produced by alt-rock legend Chris Stamey for V2, but Roman Candle’s about to go the indie route, releasing their latest album, Oh Tall Tree in the Ear on May 12 through Carnival Recording Co. But in advance of that release, they’re making a series of EPs available for free download. Each will feature a song from Tall Tree accompanied by exclusive bonus tracks, and the first, They Say, will be fair game on March 9 at the band’s website