RIP Iain Burgess, Legendary Chicago Punk Engineer

    Iain Burgess, one of the instrumental founders of the Chicago punk movement has died of pancreatic cancer. Burgess basically invented the concept of an album “engineer” vs. an album “producer” and was a huge influence on  basically anyone who had anything to do with Steve Albini and Chicago’s Electrical Audio studio. Burgess engineered classic albums by the Big Black, Ministry, Naked Raygun, the Cows, and countless others.


    From the Electrical Audio message board:

    If there is a “Chicago sound”, its foremost recording engineer died today. Iain Burgess, Weymouth, UK native and proponent of the “huge bigness” live-centered recording approach found on important rock records throughout the 80s and 90s reportedly passed away today in France. He had been recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

    Iain was a great and generous guy and had a hell of an ear. Raise a glass (or several) for him.


    Pass around the Old Styles, fellas:



    H/T: Daily Swarm