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Richard Hawley Releasing New Album, ‘Standing At The Sky’s Edge’


Richard Hawley has long been a foil for Jarvis Cocker, after briefly playing with Pulp and also joining the singer’s solo band. But Hawley won’t be along for the Pulp reunion this year—he’s got a new solo album to promote, titled Standing at the Sky’s Edge, which will be released on May 7. 

In an unlikely move, Hawley is putting the album out through a major label, Parlophone, who may finally propel him toward the wider audience his heartfelt crooning has long deserved to reach. But the sound will be less grandiose than before. “I wanted to get away from the orchestration of my previous records and make a live album with two guitars, bass, drums and rocket noises,” Hawley said

This will be the follow-up to the 2009 record Trulove’s Gutter, which was a career high for Hawley. It’s perhaps not surprising that he wanted to escape that album’s darker reaches—it’s the sound of someone hitting rock bottom, gloriously rendered in song. It will be interesting to see how strapping on a few “rocket noises” changes his work. 

Standing at the Sky’s Edge track listing:

  1. She Brings The Sunlight
  2. Standing At The Sky’s Edge
  3. Time Will Bring You Winter
  4. Down In The Woods
  5. Seek It
  6. Don’t Stare At The Sun
  7. The Wood Collier’s Grave
  8. Leave Your Body Behind You
  9. Before