Refused Again: No Reunion For The Swedish Hardcore Legends

    Ah, the Internet. Where a single message on a website can snowball into a full on rumor and generate some real excitement. Such was the case with recent predictions that famed Swedish progressive hardcore group Refused are set to re-form later this year. The band’s official site recently updated with the message “Refused, coming soon…” These three words alone caused the furor, kicking off with BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Low tweeting “This. Is. HUGE!!!!!, Refused have reformed.” followed suit, claiming an anonymous source confirmed they would be playing some European festivals.


    Apparently the update on the site was just to promote an upcoming reissue of the band’s beloved 1998 swansong The Shape of Punk To Come. That album is a large reason for Refused’s towering legacy in hardcore and punk circles, and Epitaph is set to reissue the record in May. You can’t blame fans for getting all worked up though, the beloved group’s return would be as momentous as the Pavement reunion for punk rock devotees. After Refused’s split they splintered into two groups, with lead singer Dennis Lyxzén fronting The (International) Noise Conspiracy and the bands other members forming TEXT. Two years ago, Lyxzén and drummer David Sandström formed a new hardcore group called AC4.