Read: Letter From Andy Warhol’s Landlord

    This is something that is partially music related, but totally awesome: Remember how Andy Warhol used to have his “factory” where the likes of Edie Sedgwick, John Cale, Nico, Lou Reed and many more used to hang out, play music, make movies and shoot dope? Well, we never think of the totally regular people who shared that building with Warhol, or think of the landlord who had to field complaints from other tenants. But Letters of Note lets us into the world of Warhol’s landlord via a new letter, which features the landlord telling Warhol to quit with the partying and leaving debris around the building. It’s pretty hilarious to think that while Warhol was the epicenter of New York cool for that period, there was a realty company that was mad that his friends left garbage around the building. Just the best. [Source: Letters of Note]