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RapidShare Isn’t Going Anywhere


In almost every post since last week’s closure of MegaUpload — including yesterday’s on FileSonic and Uploaded.to buckling — we have asked the following burning question, “Who could be next?” While it’s not clear who will succumb to the anti-piracy pressure next or, you know, get shut down by the feds, we do know that one file-sharing mega-site won’t be folding.

The folks at RapidShare came out with the following message on their Facebook page to make it clear they’re staying put:

Dear RapidShare fans,You posted some comments on our wall today regarding the shutdown of Megaupload. There is no reason to be concerned. We distinguish ourselves from services like Megaupload in many major issues and we aren’t threatened in any way. One of the main differences between RapidShare and Megaupload is that we never wanted to escape from the legal access of any administration.

RapidShare AG was founded in Switzerland, was always based at the address cited in the imprint and was always managed with an authentic name without any anonymous intermediary companies. The drastic measures against Megaupload were obviously seen as necessary by the FBI because the situation was different there. We wish you a great time with RapidShare!

Now, that all being said. Who’s next?

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