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Rancid Turn Twenty With Huge Box Set, Make You Feel Old


It seems like it was only yesterday that Rancid were soundtracking the disillusioned youth of suburban America, but take a look at your calendar: the Berkeley punk band turns twenty this year, and you will feel really, really old.

Actually, the band’s self-titled debut didn’t see a release until 1993, but the group is treating 2012 as its two-decade anniversary anyway. To mark the occasion, Rancid is releasing a mammoth box set featuring all seven of their studio albums spread across 46 separate 7″ records. In addition, fans can get their 2007 compilation B Sides And C Sides and last year’s Let The Dominoes Fall in an acoustic version. All the music comes housed in a Rancid-y leather box.

2,000 editions of the box have been produced, with 1,000 featuring red vinyl, 500 featuring white vinyl, and the final 500 coming in red-and-white splatter vinyl. If you mail order the white vinyl version, you also get your very own Rancid baseball bat, perfect for reliving your anarchic youth days. The official release date is up in the air, but Pirate’s Press Records hopes to have some shipped in time for the holidays. Head to Pirate’s Press to pre-order starting at noon today. [Fact]