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Raekwon Says He And Eminem Planning Album Together


File this one in the “I need to give an Eminem-related quote to whoever is interviewing me” file: Wu-Tang MC Raekwon told XXL Magazine recently that he and Eminem met at a festival and talked about doing an album together, which Raekwon then said will be happening soon:

“We schemin’ and plottin’,” the MC said of a possible collaboration with Eminem. “The last statement me and him left off on I was tellin’ him like, ‘Yo, you might need to make the beat’ and he gave me that look and we both walked away from each other like, ‘Word, you right, we might have to do that like that.’ So get ready man this is gonna happen soon.”

I guess the question would be if Raekwon, who recently just got back some of his youthful vigor via Cuban Linx II, would go soft like Eminem or if Eminem would go hard like Rae. But the debate is probably worthless: It’s never happening.