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Radiohead Working on In Rainbows Follow-Up


According to NME, Radiohead have hit the studio to begin work on their eighth album, the follow-up to In Rainbows. The band reportedly started recording sessions last week with long-time producer Nigel Godrich, and bassist Colin Greenwood was interviewed about the sessions:

“It’s really cool and everything is sounding great. It’s early days and it is a bit like having a scrapbook at the moment because everything is up in the air, but it’s good to be back in the studio.”

It’s not like Greenwood’s got a whole lot of news beyond that, so this is still in its infancy. But still, Radiohead are working on a new album.


In the mean time, Radiohead have a few European festival dates to tend to this summer that are the last of the band’s obligations behind In Rainbows. [NME]


Photo Credit: Kyle Gustafson/Prefixmag.com