Qbox organizes social networks’ streaming music

    Struggling to remember the MySpace address of that one band with the one song you really liked? A new desktop/web application called Qbox gives users the ability to index what they’ve listened to on social networking sites, and tag their favorites streams. The service is now in beta, and limited to MySpace, Bebo, and YouTube–but the ability to create playlists and get gapless playback will outweigh the limitations.

    Qbox also provides a music-based spinoff of Facebook’s stalker-ish News Feed
    feature, intended to help listeners track what their friends are getting into.

    Major labels, only just catching on to the commercial benefits of streaming music, seem newly comfortable with “giving away” ad-laden content–it’ll be interesting to see if software like Qbox, allowing users to get easy access to and personalize streaming content, rankles the suits. [Hypebot]