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Public Image Ltd. To Play In Israel Despite Boycott


Israel has been boycotted by a broad range of artist in recent times, including Elvis Costello, Gil Scott-Heron and the Pixies. While most musicians are pulling out of shows due to concerns over the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestine, John Lydon has no such worries about bringing his recently revived Public Image Ltd. to the country.


“Of course, there are all sorts of terrible politics going on down there but there is just about all over the world,” Lydon said, in an interview with 6 Music. “You cannot separate yourself from your audience because of the political powers-that-be. I mean, I’m anti-government—I have been all my life no matter where I go—and I shall be making that loud and clearly proud once I’m in Israel.”


How effective Lydon’s protest will be once he arrives in Israel remains to be seen, although he is likely to be unconcerned about raising the ire of people angered by him traveling there. “We’ve received a lot of hate mail, as it happens,” he claims. “[That] going to Israel is some kind of political faux pas. I say, ‘Don’t be so ignorant — it’s John speaking here and I’m going there to cause trouble and I will do it musically.'”


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