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Prefix Premiere: Woodpigeon “Robin Song” (Video)


photo credit: Paolo Calamatti


In the midst of rivers, mountains, and prairies in the southwestern Canadian town of Calgary, Woodpigeon toils away on songs of lamenting orchestral-folk pop. A thing of beauty, whether external or internal, can bring about much woes as it elates. In the music video for “Robin Song”, from Woodpigeon’s fifth album released in February, Thumbtacks and Glue, the heart literally leaves its bearer. Filmmaker Andrei Feheregyhazi uses inanimate material (watercolor paper cutouts) to tell a forlorn story of a man who follows his heart in an inauspicious journey. The animation technique, allows the music to be affecting without being overly dramatic, which live action videos are often guilty of. The song and its visual counterpart imparts labour of love, and by its conclusion, one can’t help feeling a certain commiseration for Mark Hamilton, the wizard of Woodpigeon, as a reflection of consoling our own tribulation. 

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