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Prefix Premiere: Stream Summer Camp’s ‘Welcome To Condale’ In Its Entirety


As Summer Camp’s Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley will tell it, their nostalgia-heavy approach to music came together as a way to simply pass the time. They even didn’t mean to catch on like they did. According to the band members, they setup a MySpace page with false information and pretended that they were actually a group of Swedish musicians. But someone stumbled upon their phony MySpace page and couldn’t help but be intrigued by the songs they heard. As such, Summer Camp’s name began spreading in 2009.

Since then, they put out the Young EP in September 2010 and began writing and recording what would become their full-length debut, the aptly titled Welcome to Condale. Because in Sankey and Warmsley’s words, it “is our love letter to the days of being a teenager, when everything is so important, and you’re transformed irrevocably by a miserable relationship.” 

Those feelings run rampant — in the best way possible — throughout Welcome to Condale, an ’80s-referencing affair that’s just as dreamy as it is dance floor-friendly. You can stream the entire album below two weeks before it hits shelves Nov. 8 via Apricot Records/Moshi Moshi. Here are the rest of this week’s albums that are streaming

Update: We premiered the album stream for a week and it’s now time to take it down. Thanks for all those that checked it out.