Prefix Premiere: Stream Cuff The Duke’s Album “Union”

    Earlier released in October in Canada via Paper Bag Records, Cuff The Duke’s album Union will not be officially released in the states on February 12, 2013. It will be released as a Limited Edition 180 gram green vinyl (w/ CD Included) or CD. It can be preordered here.

    As a part of a two album project, the new album Union relates to their previous album Morning Comes on a visual and lyrical level. But musically, the album has its own identity. The production warmly expresses the emotive subjects sung about on the album. There are a lot of hooks in the songs that would grab your heart on first listen.

    Wayne Petti the band’s frontman stated:

    “On Union, we moved away from our usual-sounding song structures, rock solos and harmonies by adding more sonic textures,” says the band’s Wayne Petti. “Morning Comes was more acoustic-based, this album is more electric-based. Instead of trying to find the perfect tone, it was more about exploring interesting sounds.”

    Stream the whole album below: