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Prefix Premiere: Steffaloo & Chrome Sparks “Eyes For You”


Los Angeles pop vocalist Steffaloo is priming her debut opus as an electronic act on the forward thinking label of many genres, Mush. The first single from Heart Beats is “Eyes For You” which features the production of electronica virtuoso Jeremy Malvin, or more recognizably, Chrome Sparks (who released his most recent EP Sparks in March). The Ann Arbor-based producer knocks the beat out of the park on this one, soundscaping for something a little less whimsical compared to what was heard on the two’s last collaboration, “All There Is,” last year. At its peaks, “Eyes” hurries with a 4×4 beat, a background of arpeggiated synths, and meditative, Lana Del Rey-esque cries of “I only have eyes for you.

The album (out October 29) will hold more electronic-pop goodness with production aid from the likes of Different Sleep, Slow Magic, and Shak among others. Stream “Eyes For You” below for now.