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Prefix Premiere: Skating Polly ‘Alabama Movies’


(Photo by Dave Smith)

Oklahoma sister duo Skating Polly are making some noise. This noise emits grungy riot grrl excellence nonstop, with punchy guitar leads, fuzzy-crunchy bass, and booming drums. This ugly pop track zooms and attacks from the start, thrashing around like a loony in a straight jacket. It’s all of these characteristics that make lead single “Alabama Movies” so enjoyable and everlasting, because if you can truly exude these characteristics, then you’ve done something right. There’s no indication, at any point, that this song isn’t a 90’s hit or a live performance. It feels too natural to its roots, but it completely radiates everything that is one side of Skating Polly.

It’s the vocals that truly make this track essential. Flipping between spitting in a scowl to screaming like a banshee to harmonizing an earworming line, these vocals are the protruding highlight of “Alabama Movies.” I’m sure there’s more incredible vocal performances on their upcoming album Fuzz Steilacoom, which drops on February 25. You can pre-order the album on iTunes here. Fuzz Steilacoom was recorded alongside the indie legend Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic Studios in Olympia, WA (although “Alabama Movies” was not recorded with Johnson, it was produced and  recorded with Chris Harris and mixed by Darrell Thorp at Hook Echo Sound in Norman, OK).

Listen below and jam forever:

 Alabama Movies by Skating Polly