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Prefix Premiere: Night Drive “After Dark” Remixes (Stream)


Production duo Rodney Connell and Brandon Duhonout of Texas, Night Drive has been inspired by some of the biggest names in dance. But not just the producers and artists themselves, but also the eras where clubs such as Studio 54 and Tony Wilson’s Hacienda stamped their glamorous take on dance on the world. Together they’ve produced some tracks that resonate with the glam that penetrated their ears. One of their songs that have done so is “After Dark.” The booming bass heard in the track is a sound that artists such as New Order, Brian Eno, and OMD have injected into theirs.

To continue the spiraling buzz that their track has created, they have unveiled an “After Dark” remixes pack that includes reworks by The Penelopes, Bagheera, and Orthy. Each remix translates the glam they have aimed for into a variety of synth driven versions.

Listen to the original and the remixes below: