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Prefix Premiere: Julia Biel “Licence To Be Cruel” (Son Lux Remix)


Accomplished singer-songwriter and MOBO Awards nominee Julia Biel, whose sensual work has been bridging the worlds of vocal jazz and British R&B, is getting ready to have some of her songs re-imagined by an array of dance and experimental music producers. November 20 will see the release of Licence to Be Cruel, an EP with five remixes of Biel’s compositions, mostly taken from 2015’s LP Love Letters and Other Missiles

The opening titular track hits the hardest, and comes courtesy of American Son Lux. The producer juxtaposes Biel’s velvety voice and gentle piano chords with a heavy industrial-inspired EDM beat, which together bring to mind the best of early 1990s trip hop. While the original song is steeped in sunshine, Son Lux’s remix brings Biel’s vocal performance into the night, to a somewhat grimey, urban domain where the singer’s voice feels alien but strangely appropriate at the same time.

Listen to “Licence to Be Cruel” (Son Lux Remix) below: