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Prefix Premiere: Harriet “Ten Steps” (Moon Bounce Remix) (Stream)


Los Angeles-based Harriet has been churning out a handful of glittery, synth-ridden pop tunes for a little bit now. Their new self-titled EP is drenched with four songs that take it up a notch in comparison to their debut EP. Their song “Ten Steps” is an operatic pop with glamorous flair painted all over it. But Philadelphia’s Corey Regensburg aka Moon Bounce has decided to take the track out the opera and into the clubs. He’s added a new bounce to the track with house and disco flavors but also with big booming beats that make the song an all night banger. And throughout the song, it rises and dives like a roller coaster making you want to ride it all night long. It’s another lovely addition to your summer night playlist.

Harriet’s new self-titled EP is now out via Harvest Records.

Stream Moon Bounce’s remix below: