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Prefix Premiere: Eternal Death “Cry” (Official Video)


Usually when you listen to Swedish artist Eternal Death’s vocals, you’re whisked away into a world of haunting images that vividly draw images of life and death…not hockey. But her newest music video uses a lot of old VHS quality videos of chaotic brutal fights during a hockey game. It’s not something you might think have right away when you hear her new track “Cry.” The dark toned synths that warp you back into the 80s and her high sky vocals soar thoughtout the song. But the more and more you watch the video, the more it hypnotically takes you in. The punches thrown by the athletes start to draw you further into to their world as you hear the song in the background. 

Vocalist Elin explained the video:

Jonas had a vision for what he wanted to with the hockey fights and I thought it was a brilliant idea. So I set up a camera in my apartment and recorded myself doing something that can represent the outlook of an inner fight. To me this is the soundtrack for a lonely, drunk walk home when you’re heartbroken but you’re also like “FUCK YOU”. Cry is the song that I like to end my gigs with since it’s so powerful and quite exhaustive.

Then videographer Jonas stated that:

I have had this video idea about hockey fights in my head for a while, and when I heard “Cry” I thought this was a perfect match. In the video I wanted to show what differences there are to express a hatred and angry feelings. Elin has this internal fight with personality changes, and maybe she just wants to lie down on the floor and cry, really. It’s like a stuffy hatred in the chest, which turned into hopelessness and sadness. But sometimes it turns into mania. Then we have these hockey guys.. just hitting and hitting. It’s pretty brain dead. I do think that this thing with grown up men practicing a sport.. hitting the opponent with fists, and that’s okay.. I think it’s completely fucked up, honestly. It’s not just hockey, all sports where you hurt another human makes me want to puke. For me this video is so enormously energetic and bright, but at the same time so much anxiety and hopelessness. Will I take the fight, or just lay down on the floor and cry?

It all makes sense. Watch Eternal Death’s newest music video below: