Prefix Premiere: Eros and the Eschaton- ‘Home Address For Civil War’

    Hailing from North Carolina, Eros and the Eschaton  have released their debut album today titled Home Address For Civil War via Bar/None Records. Serving as the musical juggernaut behind the N.C. outfit, Adam Hawkins and Kate Perdoni make music that vacillates between shoegaze and dreamy pop tropes, drawing them comparisons from My Bloody Valentine. But don’t count them out just yet. 

    Frothing with noisy guitar swirls and subtle electronics, their debut album is an amniotic ocean as waves of amorphous melodies sweep you in an undertow. Hyperactive chords roll into Hawkins and Perdoni’s soaring timbres, before bursting off into a precipice that doesn’t end with a bang but an unexpected but welcomed whimper. 

    This doesn’t mean that they don’t pay tribute to their obvious influences. In “Lately (I’ve Been Wondering),” they make their nods to the folk- tinged vignettes of Neil Young as they channel Yo La Tengo’s rock start bombs in “Terence McKenna.” Stream their album below.