Prefix Premiere: Astrid Swan “In My Own House”

    The last time we heard from Astrid Swan was in the summer of 2011, when she released an album entirely consisted of Pavement covers. Moving on from Hits (Pavement for Girls), the Finnish songstress has been busy for her second full-length release with the Helsinki indie label, Soliti. While the record is getting refined and fashioned with Swan’s unqiue style of grace and edge, enjoy the stunningly haunting ballad, “In My Own House”. Stark piano prelude, skeletol electro hisses, and abrupt percussion thumps all subserve to the impassioned poignancy of Swan’s vocals as the track climaxes to a tamed denouement.

    written, recorded & produced by Astrid Swan
    all instruments by Astrid Swan except organic drums by Niko Votkin
    mixed by Nick Triani & Astrid Swan
    mastered by Philip Granqvist
    single cover by Teppo