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Prefix Premiere: André Obin “The Arsonist” (Video)


André Obin may have experienced a house fire but no arsonist was involved. Instead, the Boston electronic producer sings about the type that burns the heart and soul on his latest single, “The Arsonist”. The visual accessory for the title track of Obin’s debut full-length reiterates the digital manipulation of the organic echoed in the music. Video creator Aaron Eskeets relies on the power of the post production to imbue an askew feeling with layers, trail effects, and glitchy scan lines. The peripatetic musician may be singing about a bitter experience enveloped by ominous synth, but listeners should have no disinclination to dance away to the beat and the pulse of “The Arsonist”.

The Arsonist released March 19 via Sky Council Recordings.

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