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Play The ‘Skyfall’ Viral Game And Get Your License To Kill


There are a lot of elements of the 007 mythology that James Bond movies explore. Some, like GoldenEye, are commentaries on the series itself and consciously ask the viewer if Bond isn’t simply a Cold War relic who has no place in the modern geopolitical world. Others, such as Casino Royale, deconstruct the franchise and play on stereotypes about it. For instance, 007’s famous vodka martini (shaken, not stirred) is revealed to be something he made up on the spot to appear sophisticated, rather than a beloved beverage.

It seems that the upcoming Skyfall is going to explore the relationship between Bond, the agency he works for (MI6), and Judi Dench’s M, who is in charge of the organization. It seems that something in M’s past will come back to haunt her, and the entire entity will be threatened. 

In keeping with that theme, the producers of the film have created a mysterious online viral game. While it has no title, ComingSoon.net reports that it can be found by visiting an unnamed IP address ( and consists of a series of directions that will test the user’s readiness for a license to kill. Check it out for yourself to prepare for Skyfall’s Nov. 9 release.