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Passion Pit Causes A Stir Over Tacos


If someone were to study the demographics of Taco Bell customers, they could probably deduce that the majority is young people. Young people love eating cheap tacos. Then it shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that the latest Taco Bell commercial features the music of young people darlings Passion Pit, right? If only life was as simple as a Cheesy Gordita Crunch.

As it turns out, fans of the electropop outfit are not too pleased with their beloved music being used to peddle delicious “fourthmeal” grub. Singer Michael Angelakos addressed accusations of “selling out” at a recent Q&A session, stating:

It’s not about promoting celebrities or giant corporations or anything like that. It’s just airtime…It’s an amazing opportunity. And, honestly, you take what you can get.

It’s worth mentioning that back in 2010, the band received $500 worth of food from Taco Bell, as part of the company’s Feed the Beat campaign, so Angelakos’ “take what you can get” philosophy was not exactly born overnight. [KROQ]

The commercial, if you’re wondering (and can be viewed below), features fan-submitted taco photos set to “Take a Walk,” from Passion Pit’s latest album, Gossamer. Tasty or tasteless? You be the judge. [Photo: Frenchkiss Records]