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Pandora Shuts Down Outside the United States


Restrictions on music licensing have forced the internet radio pioneer Pandora to cut off access outside of the United States, reports Slashdot. A user in France tried to log in and saw the following message: “We are deeply, deeply sorry to say that due to licensing constraints, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for listeners located outside of the US. We will continue to work diligently to realize the vision of a truly global Pandora, but for the time being we are required to restrict its use. We are very sad to have to do this, but there is no other alternative. … The pace of global licensing is hard to predict, but we have the ultimate goal of being able to offer our service everywhere.”


While Pandora works to find a solution most of the world is now blocked from the service that first convinced me to spend cold American cash on acts like Au Revoir Simone and MGMT. In the ongoing conflict between music fans and lawyers who can exploit the complexities of international intellectual property law, the lawyers have notched another in an impressive string of victories. Music fans, meanwhile, are left shaking their heads, because many of them are already spending what’s really a personally irresponsible amount of money on CDs, records, concert tickets and t-shirts, and just wanted to listen to some music. [Slashdot via The Daily Swarm]