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One Armed DJ Spins for 60 Hours to Get Into Guinness Book


South African DJ Nkosinathi Maphumulo, aka Black Coffee, recently DJ’ed for 60 hours straight in a bid to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records. This is impressive not only because that’s a really long time, but also because Maphumulo has one arm (he lost the other in an accident at age 13). As if that were not enough to make iPod DJs feel shameful – if they were capable of shame, anyway* – despite the fact that Guinness rules allow for a 20 minute break every four hours, Maphumulo claims he played the last 15 hours with no break at all. Not surprisingly, he came close to crying at a few points:


“At some stage I held back tears,” Maphumulo told the UK’s Telegraph. “I stayed strong. The music kept me going. I’m going to be a better DJ as I was doing it for a greater reason.”


The stunt was organized to bring attention to Maphumulo’s Black Coffee Foundation, which benefits people living with disabilities. As for his record attempt, Guinness Book will rule on the whether or not the effort qualifies next month. [Gawker via Telegraph]


* I keed, I keed.