Ok Go Leave EMI A Week After Video Generates Nearly Seven Million Hits



    Just a week after the video for their “This Too Shall Pass” blew up the Internet, OK Go have parted ways with major label EMI, after long-running disputes over their video promotion (for instance, EMI stopped their “Here It Goes Again’ video from being embedded long after it became one of the most-watched videos in YouTube history), and other disputes with the label. Frontman Damian Kulash, in the video above, states the breakup was totally amicable, and EMI made it easy for the band to jump ship and start their own label, Paracadute. Paracadute’s first project will be picking up the promotion of the band’s current album, Of the Colour of the Blue Sky, in place of EMI. Here’s what Damian Kulash had to say about the label:


    It’s kind of like a record company, except it’s for whatever we feel like making and whatever we feel like doing with whatever we feel like making. 



    So, it’s the band’s own vanity label, basically. So, after years of basically promoting everything themselves like an indie band, OK Go are now finally indie, for real.