NME Lists 50 Artists and “Innovators” That Will Change Music

    NME has devoted its latest issue to a listicle that counts down 50 artists, bands, innovations and TV shows that will impact music in the future. They put La Roux on the cover, making clear that this isn’t about who will impact the future, but who will move magazines right now, and who is doing music that we liked 20 years ago the best.


    Sort of unsurprisingly, they put Animal Collective at number one. I’m not sure how they can justify that pick though, beside Animal Collective being really awesome and making this year’s best album. Sure, they use samples, but is that worth number one? Jack White is at number seven, and while he’ll have a career in the future, all of his music is resolutely backwards looking. And the Knife is at number two, which seems to suggest that putting out a great record in 2006 is enough to make you the future.


    There’s some LOL inclusions on here too, especially Take That’s Stageshow. What, people in the future will look back fondly at Take That’s Stageshow and be like, “It’s like when Kennedy was shot, dude. Or it’s like when Ruben Studdard won American Idol, it is SOOOOO important.” Not likely. 


    Here’s the list:


    50. Gaggle
    49. Xenomania
    48. Invasion
    47. Yo Gabba Gabba!
    46. Diesel:U:Music Radio
    45. Cooly G
    44. Star And Shadow Cinema
    43. Sonar Festival
    42. Blackout Crew
    41. 3OH!3
    40. Stephen McGregor
    39. Opera
    38. Aldene Johnson and Hannah Marshall
    37. Project Natal
    36. Lady GaGa
    35. Rostam Batmanglij
    34. Hyperdub
    33. Seb Chew
    32. Sweden
    31. Greg Kurstin
    30. Beck
    29. Sonic Boom
    28. Take That’s stage show
    27. Bandstocks.com/Patrick Wolf
    26. Micachu
    25. Salem
    24. Gigbaby
    23. The Dream
    22. Ray Tintori
    21. Platform
    20. The Big Pink
    19. Twitter
    18. Popjustice
    17. Mike Sniper
    16. Nick Zinner
    15. Norwich
    14. Bradford Cox
    13. Mattias Arrelid
    12. Dan The Automator
    11. Blocks Recording Club
    10. La Roux
    9. Little Boots
    8. VBS.TV
    7. Jack White
    6. The XX
    5. Omar Souleyman
    4. Dizzee Rascal
    3. Trent Reznor
    2. The Knife
    1. Animal Collective

    [via Idolator]