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New Vampire Weekend Album for September


Vampire Weekend are in the studio in Brooklyn working on its second album, which the band hopes to release this September. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly frontman Ezra Koenig explains, “For the last month or so, it’s just been us by ourselves in this small studio, working every day. It’s nice after having been on tour so much to be in a slightly different situation, but it’s pretty intense. We’re really trying hard to do everything that we want to do.”


Koenig says that most of the songs for the new album have been written for some time, but that the band is now focusing on honing its sound. He cites “White Sky,” which Vampire Weekend performed on Jimmy Fallon in March, as an example, “The recorded version is very different from how we played it on Fallon. Because we were still working on the recording, we decided to do this very slow acoustic version [on TV]. The real version is more like how we’ve been playing it live. There’s a lot of synth sounds, and it’s a little more pumped up.” 


Like its self-titled predecessor the new album will be produced by Vampire Weekend keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij. Koenig says of the album as a whole, “It’s definitely going to be a recognizably Vampire Weekend sound, but there are going to be new sounds. We’re trying to challenge ourselves not to use the same bag of tricks that we used on the first album — different instruments, stuff like that.”


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