New Pink Floyd Doc Being Shot About The ‘Brick In The Wall’ Choir


    The group of school children who memorably sung on Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” are set to grab the limelight once again due to a new documentary being made about them. They were previously in the news in 2004 when royalties agent Peter Rowan tracked them all down in order to gain long overdue payments for them for the recording. Prior to that, the school the choir belonged to received a lump sum payment of just £1,000 for the recording.


    Now, filmmaker Andy Harries has tracked down the choir again, and is shooting a feature on their efforts on the original track. The film will also shine a light on their music teacher, Alun Renshaw, who pretty much defines the “maverick teacher” archetype—Renshaw was known for swearing at students and for smoking in the classroom.


    Harries says the film is like “Dead Poets Society meets School of Rock,” which is the kind of media friendly soundbite that’s only going to attract more attention to his movie. Sadly, he hasn’t yet been able to procure the right to include that song in the film, and it will be interesting to see if Pink Floyd acquiesces to his demands given their patchy history with the choir.


    [via Rolling Stone]