New Order NYC Gig From July, 1983 Is Downloadable

    Here’s a good way to get you into the weekend: vintage British dance music from back in the day. How far back? Try July 7, 1983. That’s when New Order played New York’s Paradise Garage.


    Rob Harvilla of the Village Voice posted a link to a blog called a north country bhoy that has a downloadable bootleg of that gig ripped from vinyl. New Order at this point was still something of a cult band and was just amping up to the (U.K.) hit machine it would become by the latter part of the decade. But there’s some cool stuff here, notably a version of the surprise club hit “Confusion” and an early take on “Thieves Like Us,” which the band would release as a well-received non-LP single some seven months later (and which later made it into the film “Pretty in Pink” in instrumental form).


    [Village Voice]