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MySpace’s New Business Plan Is To Focus On Music


Apparently this week is “Advertising Week,” a week where people in the advertising game talk about advertising, and hear new pitches from a variety of companies. One of the many companies hoping to make a splash at Advertising Week is the newly purchased MySpace, which has a new vision for they’ll come back from the dead: By making the site focus on music.

New shareholder Justin Timberlake joined his Specific Media pals to unveil the new plan, and they focused extensively on how MySpace “gives a voice to the unknown,” as a bevy of musicians rose to prominence thanks solely to MySpace. The goal for the new MySpace is to turn it into a “music discovery engine,” which is all well and good, we suppose, but are people really still using MySpace solely as a place to discover music? At this point it seems like the only people I know who have MySpace profiles have them ironically.

But according to Ad Age, the approach may have worked: A couple big companies, like Coke, were in attendance at MySpace’s new unveiling. But how much of that has to do with Timberlake showing up is debatable.