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Mr. Corgan Goes to Washington to Lobby for Radio Royalties


Yesterday, Billy Corgan appeared in Congress not to testify regarding his use of performance enhancing drugs (he’s totally using the cream and the clear), but to lobby Congress to pass the Performance Rights Act. The law, which Corgan and the RIAA are pimping, would require radio stations to pay out royalties to the musicians who play the songs the station is broadcasting, something they are not required to do (they only have to pay royalties to the songwriters). All other media outlets, like satellite radio, TV, and Internet radio have to pay musician royalties as well as songwriter royalties, but terrestrial radio is the lone holdout. 


What the proposed law would mean is that while only Corgan gets paid if a Smashing Pumpkins song gets played on the radio, anyone who played an instrument on the track would also get paid. Plus, Corgan could get paid if a radio station plays a cover song of another band done by the Smashing Pumpkins. 


In front of Congress, Corgan said that the law is "long overdue" and it would change "an outmoded unfair practice that favors one participant’s needs over another." Corgan can really go to the mat to fight for something he wants, apparently.


The Smashing Pumpkins’ website has the full transcript (it’s hella long). [via Pitchfork]