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Morrissey Cancels Show After Being Hit By Plastic Cup



Morrissey’s recent U.K. tour hasn’t exactly been a huge success, and further troubles tainted the jaunt at a show in Liverpool on Saturday (Nov. 7). The singer brought the concert to a halt when he was hit by an object thrown from the crowd during the second song of the show.


The manager of the venue, Tim Banfield, issued the following statement: “We are exceptionally disappointed that one individual should choose to recklessly cause the concert to be abandoned, ruining what should have been a brilliant night out for thousands of Morrissey fans. The Echo Arena team take great care to ensure the safety of visitors and artists at the venue.”


The YouTube clip above shows the incident, which won’t exactly go down as one of the great audience-performer confrontations in the history of rock music. Morrissey simply says “goodbye” and walks off after being hit by the object, which looks like a plastic cup full of beer.