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More Unheard Johnny Cash Music Could Be Released


Johnny Cash passed away in 2003, but according to his son there is lot of unheard music that could see the light of day. 

In an interview with Kreative Kontrol, John Carter Cash spoke about how his parents never threw anything away. Carter recently unearthed some old material, saying: 

We found a lot of great treasures, a lot of beautiful recordings — things that my dad did, just him and a guitar back in the ’70s, sort of foreshadowing what he would do later with Rick Rubin. Lots of gospel recordings — there’s just so that’s much there. Dad’s dedication and spirit to his artistry was chronicled within these finds. I think Columbia knew of these recordings, but they were literally put on the back shelf and forgotten.

Along with some older recordings, there is apparently a lot music that was recorded with Rick Rubin in the latter part of Cash’s life. 

Out Among The Stars, an album that was released yesterday, was originally recorded in 1981, and was part of the large collection that John Carter found. You can buy the album here, and listen to its lead single, “She Used To Love Me A Lot,” below.