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Mind Bending Site Lists Girl Talk Samples as Album Plays


This is the kind of thing the Internet was invented for—someone has spent a great deal of time and effort setting up this head spinning website, which offers up every sample used on Girl Talk’s Feed the Animals in real time as tracks from the album play. Simply click on a track from the record on the left hand side of the page and watch in awe as a barrage of songs appears on the right, complete with links to play the clips or purchase them from the iTunes store.


“Not all samples are covered, but a lot are,” is the disclaimer attached to the site, although a cursory play with the page suggests that Edd Hannay, who is the genius/madman (delete as appropriate) behind this venture, has captured most of them. “I was wondering what would would make a really nice iTunes LP, because I’ve made some in the past and thinks that more people should be talking about them,” he says. “They can be so much more than just a digital representation of physical product. I’m not a designer, but it’s only a quick proof of concept.”


[via You Ain’t No Picasso]