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Mike Skinner talks about the legacy of the Streets


Mike Skinner has never been one to mince words when speaking his mind on his status; in fact, you could even argue that’s the very basis of his fame with the Streets. In an interview, with Pitchfork, Skinner talked about his upcoming Everything Is Borrowed, his self-described "second-to-last album." In Skinner’s mind, he had his discography planned from the start "I mean, I always had plans for it to feel quite consistent. I think the beginning of that was the CD artwork. Early on, I had a very clear idea that all the CD booklets were going to fall under a similar framework."


Skinner also has plans for doing movies and other things after the Streets are finished, but that doesn’t mean he’ll forgo music:

 Pitchfork: Do you expect to be involved with music at all after the Streets comes to an end?

MS: Totally, yeah. I can’t do anything else!

Pitchfork: So it’s not like the Streets will be the final music you ever put out.

MS: No, no, no. I’ve been asked this a lot. I didn’t make this big announcement. It was just something that I kind of implied in a blog. It didn’t really seem like a very big deal to me at the time, but I get asked about it a lot now. I get sick of it, because it seems like this high drama. It’s not really like that to me.

While not as dramatic as Girl Talk’s plans to end the world, it’s still interesting that lately bands have been considering their legacy beginning from the very onset of recognition. Fame is becoming increasingly fleeting, apparently.


In the interview we also got word of an American release date for the upcoming Streets album. Everything Is Borrowed will be released in the U.S. on October 7 via Vice Records.