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Melvins Narrowly Escape New Zealand Earthquake


The Melvins’ live shows are legendary for their use of volume and bludgeoning power—but even they couldn’t compete with the recent earthquake in New Zealand. It turns out that Buzz Osborne and his were in Christchurch when the ‘quake hit, after having played a show at Al’s Bar on Feb. 21.


“We were at the airport just seconds away from checking our bags when the first big rolling quake hit,” said Osborne. “If the building would have came down at that point we would have been crushed like dumb chickens. As soon as that one was over, we grabbed all of our bags and passports and ran for the door.”


Fortunately the group was able to continue its tour of the country by re-arranging the schedule, and they now head off to Australia where they will be playing with “lots of bands I’ve never heard of,” according to Osborne. Surely “Dumb Chickens” is a contender for a future Melvins song title? 


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