McCain gets no love from Van Halen

    It’s almost enough to make you begin to feel sorry for John McCain. A candidate in search of a soundtrack, the guy seems to get a cold shoulder at best wherever he turns in the music world. First he inspires legal action from an angry Jackson Browne for using the latter’s classic "Running On Empty." Then he engenders bad vibes from Rosanne Cash for even mentioning her dad John. Next thing you know, Madonna’s displaying scathing anti-McCain videos as part of her stage show, and even Fat Joe’s getting into the act, publicly dissing both McCain and Daddy Yankee, one of the few supporters the endorsement-poor Presidential hopeful’s been able to snare.


    Now, it’s Van Halen’s turn to send McCain a "talk to the hand" message. Turns out he played the band’s Sammy Hagar-era hit "Right Now" during a public appearance in Ohio today. The result? You guessed it: "Permission was not sought or granted nor would it have been given" says the band’s management. Maybe McCain should have tried buttering up Diamond Dave instead…"Yankee Rose"could be just the thing to kickstart his campaign.