Madonna vs. McCain: It’s (Sadly) On (Video)


    On the first date of her Sticky and Sweet tour on Saturday in Cardiff, UK, (that’s a pretty gross name for a tour featuring a performer the same age as my parents) Madonna, marginally important pop-shocktress, played a video juxtaposing images of Hitler, Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe, and global warming with images of John McCain. Way to go Madonna. You were able to marginalize victims of the Holocaust and Zimbabwe’s internal strife by claiming that an old man who may not even end up as president is just as horrible. Bravo!

    Of course, McCain’s campaign condemned the video. But they also took umbrage with that portion of the video that showed images of Al Gore, John Lennon, Gandhi, and Barack Obama. Again, Madonna pulled off a coup here. A guy who may not be president (especially after a suspect VP pick) gets compared to Gandhi, someone who actually did impact the world.

    McCain’s camp should have ignored the video, and said Who’s Madonna? McCain only listens to relevant artists. [Daily Swarm]