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Listen to Ian MacKaye’s 2-Hour KCRW Set With Henry Rollins


Every record-collecting geek would love to go through the records of their favorite bands and musicians. Think about it. What would Jimmy Page’s record collection look like? Or Kanye’s?

While this isn’t exactly the same as going through a rockstar’s record collection, it’s close. Recently, Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat and Fugazi punk-fame stopped by KCRW to spin some of his favorite record and chat it up with the host of the program, Henry Rollins. In case you don’t know your straight-edge, D.C. hardcore lore, Rollins and MacKaye practically grew up together in the nation’s capital. So not only do you get to hear some great punk but you get to also hear two legends chit-chat it up. A must listen for fans. [Dangerous Minds via DS]

Here’s the set list:

01. Bikini Kill – “New Radio” / single

02. Scream – “Walking By Myself” / single

03. Lungfish – “Savings” / single

04. Nervous Norvous – “Transfusion” / single

05. Trashmen – “King Of The Surf” / single

06. Cold Cold Hearts – “Broken Teeth” / Cold Cold Hearts

07. The Vibrators – “Petrol” / Pure Mania

08. Viktims – “Television Addict” / single

09. Wire – “Ex Lion Tamer” / Pink Flag

10. Eddy Current Suppression Ring – “Which Way To Go” / single

11. Vernon Walters – “The Truth About You” / single

12. Felt Letters – “600,000 Bands” / single

13. Satan’s Rats – “Louise” / single

14. The Pack – “King Of Kings” / single

15. Skunks – “Good From The Bad” / single

16. The Need – “Let Them Eat Valiums” / single

17. Shine – “Lost Sun Dance” / single

18. Dog Faced Hermans – “Keep Your Laws Off Of My Body” / Those Deep Buds

19. Creation – “Through My Eyes” / single

20. The Arbors – “Hey Joe” / The Arbors