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Listen: Killer Mike Talks “Burn,” Religion With CNN


You might recall that Killer Mike caught some flak for his “Burn” video, which BET declared was too controversial to air. The network eventually changed its tune, though, after the Atlanta rapper took to his Twitter account to encourage his fans to voice their frustration with BET’s decision.

And to speak on just why the network might have decided to ban the video, Mike sat down with CNN Radio’s Gavin Godfrey. They discuss the imagery both in the song’s lyrics and its video, particularly the religious references such as the following lines: “They say love Jesus and listen to your pastor/But Jesus told the truth and the pastor’s a lying bastard/All he talk about is economic elevation/And all Jesus talked about soul salvation.”

Mike explains that he’s always been partial to radical activists, which he said has influenced him rap-wise. Some of those activists include John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr., who he notes all died for their cause. Additionally, he says he holds religious folks to a higher level because they are supposed to be teaching him how to bring his soul to salvation.

It’s pretty damn intriguing to hear Mike make his case, which he does quite well, by the way. But don’t take my word for it; you can stream the interview below. It’s downloadable on iTunes.

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