Listen: Das Racist Flips Kendrick Lamar & Dr. Dre’s “The Recipe”

    At the top of the month Kendrick Lamar dropped his new Dr. Dre-featuring single, “The Recipe.” Produced by fellow west coast resident Scoop DeVille, the track follows a relatively unaltered Twin Sister sample whose mad blunted vibes have called out to none other than hip-hop’s mad blunted geniuses, Das Racist.

    Heems starts with the Mitch Hedberg-ian line, “I used to burn some cheeba, I’m kidding I still do,” before likening his eyes to hoodies, smoking in bed with his girl and turning off his brain to “get so emotional.” Kool A.D.‘s verse is a bit more associative, and he raps about “white widow champagne,” “purple Bart Simpsons” and “purple pussy Moby Dick.” You can listen to their take on “The Recipe” over at Heems’ Tumblr, Nehru Jackets.

    Maybe DR decided to rap over Lamar’s single because Heems recently interviewed the Compton rapper for Noisey (as he did Chairlift before). Watch them chop it up below.